About the Founder


Judith Walker

Judith Walker has been a healthcare provider for 32 years. Judith is a registered nurse and holds an MBA with a concentration in healthcare administration. Judith is a mother of two amazing children. Judith cares for her brother who is permanently disabled. His positive outlook in the face of his condition inspires her every day.

Judith saw that the disparities in housing were especially evident while working as a home health nurse. Judith would often be assigned to patients in impoverished deteriorating neighborhoods that were high in crime. The health disparities were seen in both young and old individuals some of which who were homeless who did not have the required housing following their hospitalization for proper recuperation. Judith has cared for young individuals who due to their disability, had no choice but to live in senior nursing homes due to their disability. Judith also cared for veterans from both the first, second, world wars, the Vietnam and Korean Wars. These Brave Soldiers desperately needed follow-up care and adequate housing. Goodwill housing strategies seek to assist disabled individuals with grants so their homes can be adapted.

Judith created Goodwill housing strategies with the hopes to restore blighted neighborhoods. Restoring homes, restoring families and allowing beautiful neighborhoods for low-income individuals and Families. Goodwill housing strategies seek to help people who are low-income to acquire the dream of homeownership and to help the homeless acquire temporary to permanent housing. Goodwill housing strategies seek to provide homes with adapted adaptive equipment so people with disabilities can live with dignity.
It is a huge undertaking for her and she does this with a lot of personal sacrifices. But philanthropy has always been her dream and Judith knows how important it is to pay it forward.

We are looking for volunteers and donors. We so desperately need your help. So let’s Stand Together and help those who cannot help themselves.